Let’s talk about trusting the process when you are not an artist!

Nope, I am not an artist. I just paint for fun.

So much has changed in my life since my last blog. There’s 70% theoretical change and 30% practical change (approx). I am finally a graduate. Yup, I graduated on a random Friday by clicking on the submit button. Now that I don’t have college, I pretty much have plenty of time for myself and, I have been spending that time reading books and painting. And boy! It feels great.

As the title suggests, I was painting today. Usually, I choose to paint things with a tutorial or something easy that doesn’t need much of my time or skills since I am not an artist. But today, I chose a substantially difficult painting (because it looked great on Instagram and seemed pretty easy.)

With the limited tools that I had, I started painting. It was going great. The base looked as I expected. One more element and I was done. But I guess I messed up at the last stages. Eventually, the painting didn’t turn out as I wanted it to be. And usually, if that happens, I tear it to pieces and it goes straight to the dustbin. But this time, even though it didn’t look great, I wanted to keep it cause I enjoyed the whole process of making it. Every step was just as fun as the previous one. I even enjoyed correcting one of my mistakes (I wanted stars but, my paintbrushes didn’t, so I ended up blending the stars in the sky).

While painting, it struck me how similar this process and our life actually are! It’s a step-by-step process. Starting from the base to the ending details and then your finished product. It’s our life only, a step-by-step process. One stroke of colors affecting your next stroke and so on. If you make a mistake, either you blend it into your life, or you try to hide it using more colors. Sometimes, all you want is to see the results while sometimes you indulge yourself in the process without worrying about the end product. Either way, you just need to trust the process. Just like in paintings, it is said that every step that we take in our life, the smallest, the most insignificant decision you take, has a butterfly effect on your future (which is such a vague idea). And that is the reason why instead of relishing the journey, we just worry about the destination.

I remember while watching a YouTube tutorial video for a painting, he said to leave your painting a bit imperfect so it has your mark and your mark is what makes it unique. I am not justifying my bad painting. It’s bad and I know it but I still love it. What I realized today was the fact that if we keep on enjoying the process, every step, every decision, every moment, we will eventually fall in love with the ending. Even when the end product isn’t what you expected it to be.

Yup, and everything is going to be perfectly splendid!

“My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables